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XAMPP:Apache,MySQL,FTP,Mercury & Tomcat

XAMPP is a free application that allows you to run an Apache, MySQL, FTP, Mecury, and Tomcat server in Windows. It can be portable or you can install it as a service. XAMPP is an awesome application for web development or even production environments.

If you haven’t used it before head over to and download one of the packages and give it a try.


HTML Character Code Lookup

So picture this, you are focused working on <insert thing you are working on> that must get done within the hour.  The last part of your project requires that you have a “©” inserted in the document.  You hop on google and start searching for alt codes and html codes.  You find a ginormous table of html codes and start sifting through the table only to find that for some reason this huge table of characters is somehow missing the one character that you need!

Have no fear, I found this nifty little app that will save the day.

This app lets you search through characters.  If the character you are looking for contains or looks like a “c” just enter “c” in the search field and it will give you a list of all relevant entries.  Nifty Eh?

µTorrent: Best Windows Torrent Client

If you use torrents and haven’t used µTorrent yet, you should give it a try. It’s one of the best free torrent clients out there. With features including Protocol Encryption, Unicode support, multi tracker torrents,UPnP, and RSS Torrent subscriptions. Recently with their version 2.0 beta release they have added UDP support and automatic bandwidth regulation.

µTorrent along with a site like EZtv can be very useful if you enjoy downloading recent TV Episodes.

One of the coolest features is the web user interface. The web interface allows you to add, remove and manage your torrents remotely.

Escape Characters

I had an issue today working with a web page and using a javascript function to display pop up text. The data I was working with were file paths.


After handing this data to the Javascript function to create the popup box, I was getting strange results. See the image attached. Turns javascript was seeing the backslashes and recognizing them as escape characters. I fixed this by doing a string replace on the text before I handed it to the javascript function.

strDocNamesQV1 = Replace(x.value,”\”,”\\”)

This gave me my desired results.

Easy way to Manage your Money

Mint.comAbout a year ago I stumbled upon an awesome site that helps me know, at any given time, where I stand financially.

We download and categorize your balances and transactions automatically every day— making it effortless to see graphs of your spending, income, balances, and net worth.

After creating an account on, you can go through and add your credit card accounts, checking accounts, savings accounts, stock and investment accounts, certificate of deposit accounts, mortgage accounts and pretty much any type of account. Add your house and cars to calculate your estimated net worth. Set a monthly budget. Get alerts based on that budget via text message or email. View your accounts on the road via the handy IPhone app.

I’ve found to be an amazingly easy and powerful financial tool.  Give it a try and let me know your thoughts.

If you have security concerns take a look at their security and privacy policies.