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Easy way to Manage your Money

Mint.comAbout a year ago I stumbled upon an awesome site that helps me know, at any given time, where I stand financially.

We download and categorize your balances and transactions automatically every day— making it effortless to see graphs of your spending, income, balances, and net worth.

After creating an account on, you can go through and add your credit card accounts, checking accounts, savings accounts, stock and investment accounts, certificate of deposit accounts, mortgage accounts and pretty much any type of account. Add your house and cars to calculate your estimated net worth. Set a monthly budget. Get alerts based on that budget via text message or email. View your accounts on the road via the handy IPhone app.

I’ve found to be an amazingly easy and powerful financial tool.  Give it a try and let me know your thoughts.

If you have security concerns take a look at their security and privacy policies.