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Use exFAT for faster flash drive performance

exFAT or (Extended File Allocation Table) is a newer hard drive/flash drive file system designed for mobile devices and well suited for removable devices.  exFAT was first introduced with Vista SP1 and it now ships with Windows 7 as well as Windows server 2008. Microsoft also released a KB to install the drivers on Windows XP, however it is not native to XP.

exFAT is designed to operate with much less overhead than the now standard NTFS file system.  This gives it the ability to run quite efficiently on removable devices.

For a full rundown on the advantages and disadvantages, take a look at the exFAT wikipedia page.

Performance wise exFAT comes out on top for most real life tests, however  FAT32 is still a big contender when it comes to straight file copying.  If you want further tests and benchmark details, head over to  They have way more benchmarking information than you could have asked for or ever wanted.