The Power of Raiding SSDs

Pretty impressive.  These guys go through the process of raiding 24 Samsung solid state drives.

Two SSD drives running RAID 0 provide almost 500 mb/s transfer speed (A huge upgrade from todays average of 60-80 mb/s). One of the top SSD’s on the market is currently the Intel X25-M.   Take a look at this review to read more. SSDs are the future of computing.


Windows Home Server Hardware

I’ve spent some time researching hardware to build a low cost Windows Home Server.  Here is my wishlist at Newegg.

This list only includes the basics for a system.   The motherboard is ECS brand but has great reviews.  It runs on an Intel Atom 330 Processor with passive cooling (No fans).  The motherboard only has 3 SATA ports, so to utilize all the drive space you would need an add-on raid card (which I already have).  You would also need to pickup SATA hard drives to fill the drive cage.  Obviously you have more options that what I selected for the  case/memory and power supply, so use your own discretion.

ECS 945GCD-MThe coolest part of the setup is the passively cooled motherboard/CPU (pun intended).   The dual core Atom 330 processor can be compared to a hyper threaded P4 3.4 GHz processor.  Take a look at this graph to see it compared with many other processors.  Pretty impressive for such a small package and low power consumption(max 45Watts).

iStarUSA BP-35-REDThe raid cage, made by iStarUSA can hold up to 5 standard size SATA drives. It fits in the space of three 5.25″ panels, providing easy hot swappable drive access and replacement.  It has an 80mm fan on the back to provide air circulation for the drives.   This all for the pretty good price of $99.


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