FireFox Addon:WebMail Notifier

WebmailNotifierAwesome little Firefox Addon. WebMail Notifier is a simple little addon that allows you to setup many web accounts for automatic notification if you get an email or message in one of those accounts. It has an “add script” feature that can be used to create custom account notifications or select from the currently available list. Currently I set mine up to monitor my Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo accounts as well as Adsense, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Vibe Streamer

Vibe Streamer is a pretty impressive little app. It allows you to stream music from your home PC/Server directly to a browser anywhere in the world.

I recently setup this little app on my windows home server, pointed it to my music folder(mp3s) and it went right to work. It goes through and indexes your files adding them to it’s list of streamable/playable music. The app itself is simple but powerful. You can add multiple users, folders and shares and everything can be locked down via permissions.

If you would like to try it out on my server, head over to Username is “guest” and the Password is “password”.

Server Technologies:Windows Home Server

I started using Windows Home Server about a year ago. I’ve found it to be very useful and helpful on my network at home. My home server hosts my network printer allowing easy access and driver installs on any system on my network.  I also keep all archived TV episodes on there providing quick connectivity and easy storage for my Windows 7 Media Center PC. Here are a few more main features:

  • Automatic system backups: With the installation of the connector software on your home PC’s your WHS will back them up on a nightly basis.  The backup process keeps 1 monthly backup for 3 months, 1 weekly backup for 3 weeks and the nightly backups for 3 days (default settings).  The backups are designed to allow bare metal restores of your PC’s.  If any of your computers die, stick in the restore CD and you can restore directly from your home server.
  • JBOD type hard drive setup:  All Hard drives that are installed in the home server are dumped into one pool of disk space.  This allows you to mix and match any size hard drive, internal or external.  It still maintains redundancy but on a per folder basis.  If a folder is setup to duplicate, the server makes sure there is a duplicate copy of all contents within the folder.
  • Automatic web access and Dynamic DNS:  If you want to use the feature, WHS can setup a dynamic Domain name and keep it in sync with your home IP address allowing you to access your server files from anywhere in the world.
  • Unified file repository:All your files as well as your families files can be accessed directly off the server over the network. Permissions can be setup per user or you can setup a general guest account.

Home servers come pre-packaged or home brewed. You can pickup a Home Server disk off Newegg or you can look for a pre-built, pre-installed WHS package.

If you want to give WHS a free try, head over to and try it out.  Microsoft provides a free 30 day trial.

µTorrent: Best Windows Torrent Client

If you use torrents and haven’t used µTorrent yet, you should give it a try. It’s one of the best free torrent clients out there. With features including Protocol Encryption, Unicode support, multi tracker torrents,UPnP, and RSS Torrent subscriptions. Recently with their version 2.0 beta release they have added UDP support and automatic bandwidth regulation.

µTorrent along with a site like EZtv can be very useful if you enjoy downloading recent TV Episodes.

One of the coolest features is the web user interface. The web interface allows you to add, remove and manage your torrents remotely.

LackRack Hack

If you are an IT nerd like me, you may have run into the issue of needing a rack mount for your miscellaneous peripherals. The guys over at Eth-0 have come up with a great way to use Ikea furniture, providing the perfect rack mount for Switches and servers.

Firefox:Disable Virus Scan on Download

Firefox PortableWhen Firefox finishes downloading items, by default it does a virus scan. This can can cause FF to hang for a bit as well as prevent you from accessing the file until the scan is done. If you have antivirus software installed on your system, it will already prevent any viral activity via it’s real-time scan.

You can disable this feature by typing about:config in the address bar, and then filtering on Double click this line to set the value to false.

Escape Characters

I had an issue today working with a web page and using a javascript function to display pop up text. The data I was working with were file paths.


After handing this data to the Javascript function to create the popup box, I was getting strange results. See the image attached. Turns javascript was seeing the backslashes and recognizing them as escape characters. I fixed this by doing a string replace on the text before I handed it to the javascript function.

strDocNamesQV1 = Replace(x.value,”\”,”\\”)

This gave me my desired results.

Wiki Tutorial:MySQL Table Repair

Just recently I noticed one of my websites HLstatsX, displaying the error the table hlstats_players needs to be repairedHere is a quick step guide on the repair.

Here is a tutorial I just added to my wiki. Found it on

Easy way to Manage your Money

Mint.comAbout a year ago I stumbled upon an awesome site that helps me know, at any given time, where I stand financially.

We download and categorize your balances and transactions automatically every day— making it effortless to see graphs of your spending, income, balances, and net worth.

After creating an account on, you can go through and add your credit card accounts, checking accounts, savings accounts, stock and investment accounts, certificate of deposit accounts, mortgage accounts and pretty much any type of account. Add your house and cars to calculate your estimated net worth. Set a monthly budget. Get alerts based on that budget via text message or email. View your accounts on the road via the handy IPhone app.

I’ve found to be an amazingly easy and powerful financial tool.  Give it a try and let me know your thoughts.

If you have security concerns take a look at their security and privacy policies.

SSH Tunneling

SSH Tunneling

I just created a tutorial on my wiki page about SSH tunneling. Useful for encrypting all communication between you and home network over the internet. It can also be used to securely tunnel all http traffic through your home network connection.