Update – Running with Bikilas

So after about a month of running with my new shoes, I’ve gotten back up to my usual two miles and 9:30 a mile. I still feel the burn on my calves, but at this point it’s expected. As for my original reason for switching to these shoes, I don’t feel the same pain in my knee as I used to. I’m holding my breath though until I get my mileage up.

Here is some info on my most recent runs.

If you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can join my network on Runkeeper.

    • Jake
    • August 17th, 2011

    Hey Joel,

    I can’t believe I stumbled upon this blog. This is Jake from the old GS days.

    I’ve been running in Merrel Trail Gloves after suffering with knee pain for years in my Asics. I found after about 2 weeks the calf burn disappears. Looking at your recent RunKeeper activity I’m guessing you are doing well.

      • Joel
      • August 17th, 2011

      Hey Jake, I didn’t know you were a runner! That’s awesome. Do you have a RunKeeper account? Facebook? Where are you living/working now days?

      Yeah since switching to these Vibram FF shoes, the only pain I have had is due to my ankle muscle usage. But that is just due to the need for further strengthening.

    • Jake
    • August 18th, 2011

    I’m still in Fargo working for MS.

    I wouldn’t really call myself a runner, I just have it as part of my weekly routine. I do have a RunKeeper account, but it isn’t very interesting as I just run the same 2 or 3 mile route every few days. I’m hoping to do my first 5k this fall. I was supposed to do one earlier this year before I turned my ankle pretty bad and had to take more than a month off.

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