Installing World Community Grid on a Headless Ubuntu Server

Install BOINC client:
sudo aptitude install boinc-client

Find your account key:
boinccmd --lookup_account username password

You should get a response something like this

Attach to your project:
boinccmd --project_attach dfb74c9b94e1129c2eac322052eb5f98

If you want to verify your attached enter the following command:
boinccmd --get_state

You should get something like the following back, along with a bunch more info:
======== Projects ========
1) -----------
name: World Community Grid
master URL:
user_name: joelcpatterson
team_name: Preeminent Nonpareil
resource share: 100.000000
user_total_credit: 392663.547845
user_expavg_credit: 0.071871
host_total_credit: 0.000000
host_expavg_credit: 0.000000
nrpc_failures: 0
master_fetch_failures: 0
master fetch pending: no
scheduler RPC pending: no
attached via Account Manager: no
ended: no
suspended via GUI: no
don't request more work: no
disk usage: 0.000000
last RPC: 1297181772.312611
project files downloaded: 1297181833.027173

You can also take a look to verify your processor is being used by typing:

This will display your processes that are currently running and how much CPU they are utilizing.

20051 boinc 39 19 88388 77m 1484 R 99 3.9 10:21.74 wcg_c4cw_lmps_6
20050 boinc 39 19 88388 77m 1484 R 97 3.9 10:22.88 wcg_c4cw_lmps_6

Further resources:

    • Chris
    • December 5th, 2013

    I’ve followed the same procedure and everything seems to run fine, but my account key just comes up blank:

    > boinccmd –lookup_account username password
    status: Success
    poll status: operation in progress
    account key:

    When I try to connect using the account key given by the website it runs:

    boinccmd –project_attach account_key

    But after listing the state I don’t think its doing anything:

    > boinccmd –get_state
    ======== Projects ========

    ======== Applications ========

    ======== Application versions ========

    ======== Workunits ========

    ======== Tasks ========

    • wickedpygmy
    • December 10th, 2013

    thanks, this saved me some time

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