Impressively Small Barebones HTPC (book sized)

Foxconn NT-330I-0H0W-B-NASuper tiny Atom based barebones PC.   Based on Newegg reviews, appears to run Windows 7 just great, as well as plays 1080p content without a hitch.  Some reviewers state that the fan can be louder at times but not too bad overall.  Still it’s a pretty impressive device. Take a look at the specs:

CPU: Intel Atom 330 (1.6GHz, dual-core)
RAM: DDR2 800/667 Max 4GB
Ethernet: Gigabit, 802.11 G
Dimensions: 7.48″ x 5.31″ x 0.98″  1 lb.
Ports: USBx6, DVI, HDMI, Optical Audio out

    • Jared
    • September 14th, 2010

    Why does it even need a fan if it’s running the ATOM processor? Is it to support a HDD or is it for the graphics chip?

    • Joel
    • September 16th, 2010

    Yeah, not sure why. With it being such a small device it’s possible it’s just all the tiny components compacted into such a small space. Here is a possible alternative as well.

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