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Update – Running with Bikilas

So after about a month of running with my new shoes, I’ve gotten back up to my usual two miles and 9:30 a mile. I still feel the burn on my calves, but at this point it’s expected. As for my original reason for switching to these shoes, I don’t feel the same pain in my knee as I used to. I’m holding my breath though until I get my mileage up.

Here is some info on my most recent runs.

If you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can join my network on Runkeeper.


ASCII Starwars Via Telnet

Looking for something interesting to do?  Watch Star Wars via Telnet.  If you have telnet for windows, just type telnet

If you don’t have telnet, go download Putty and connect to the same address.

Google Talk Flash App.

A pretty handy feature that I found several months ago is the GoogleTalk flash app.  It connects to GoogleTalk just like their main installable client.  However, the flash version is definitely more portable. -Without the “Pop Out” icon in the upper right side of the screen.

If you would like to open this in your FireFox sidebar, open the client link from above and add a bookmark. Right click that new bookmark and go to it’s properties.  Select the “Load this bookmark in sidebar” check box at the bottom.  Click ok and then open the link.

BP Live ROV Feed

So I worked today and while at work I had BP’s live ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) stream up.  It’s pretty cool what they can do with these things.  So far I have seen them cut a few small pipes of in preparation for the large pipe cut.   Take a look over at BP’s site.  Depending on the time and the day, they might not be doing much but keep it on an you might see some cool stuff. Live Stream