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Just found a pretty cool website.  If you use Ebay, this service is designed to snipe auctions at the last few seconds, preventing others from being able to bid up the auction.  It lets you setup multiple auction groups so if you win one of the items in the group it will automatically prevent bidding on future items. If you have reservations about using the service look through the FAQ’s and forums. I’ve also done a good web search verifying that Gixen isn’t a hoax or fraud. Let me know if you find otherwise. Take a look at if you would like to give it a try.


Firefox:Disable Virus Scan on Download

Firefox PortableWhen Firefox finishes downloading items, by default it does a virus scan. This can can cause FF to hang for a bit as well as prevent you from accessing the file until the scan is done. If you have antivirus software installed on your system, it will already prevent any viral activity via it’s real-time scan.

You can disable this feature by typing about:config in the address bar, and then filtering on Double click this line to set the value to false.

Escape Characters

I had an issue today working with a web page and using a javascript function to display pop up text. The data I was working with were file paths.


After handing this data to the Javascript function to create the popup box, I was getting strange results. See the image attached. Turns javascript was seeing the backslashes and recognizing them as escape characters. I fixed this by doing a string replace on the text before I handed it to the javascript function.

strDocNamesQV1 = Replace(x.value,”\”,”\\”)

This gave me my desired results.


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